Friday, June 10, 2016


my country - city lifestylE, set mostly to the soundtrack of STAG HARE.
this is how some of it looked, from march to june in 2016, NYC & eastern PA.

(click photos to really see.)



early season gardens




leaser lake

gill riley text + my scribbling


like a Vinny Miller lyric

broadway stages, brooklyn

good fortune

bar hang outs

a giant fake dome

red wine forevz

echo hill

calyer st rooftop

magical gardens



craft paper

abby + gil

red rocker wine

monica's forearm

peace out, gardens!
new arts program int'l salon of small works, kutztown

Friend the cat

me & friend

peace out, greenpoint avenue!

it is now June. in other words "june eternal" (from john fowles' A Maggot).
i spend all my thoughts and energies getting to here from the dead dark days of winter. i'm so happy to be here now. barefoot and warm in the grass at all hours, just LOOKING AROUND at everything growing...


Sunday, February 21, 2016


spring is almost about to get here.
and here's what i have to get done before its too late.

i'm doing the cover art for the next SUZUKI JUNZO  LP, called 'shark infested custard'  (named after the charles willeford thing), which will be on Nod & Smile records. Junzo is such a good sweet dude and i'm honored to do yet another thing with him. and this bunch of songs is definitely my favorite yet from him. its totally psyched out and cool as... 
its going to be a beautiful silkscreened print and each cover will be lovingly pulled by the punkers at xLVACx printing.


i made a crew shirt for my coworkers on season 2 of Marvel's Daredevil, which was a fun job to spend half a year on....this was also screened by the cool dudes over at xLVACx...
and yeah thats me. how bout my hair though? i know right?


go to instagram and follow encyclopedia_of_future_angels (yeah, dumb name), cuz its just photos of the doodles that have been littering up my studios, livingrooms, kitchens, attics, bedrooms, studies and bookshelves for years. once photographed i guess they can be burned in the bonfire pit or shoved into old suitcases.
eventually the hundreds of thousands doodles will get stuck together into a book on american typewriter. some day....


pretty soon (yeah right...) i'm going to start to finally prepare Mike Rimm's collected short stories for publication on American Type:Writer Press. its been so long in the making. and i'm not even sure if mike is even finished editting and working out his stories cuz i havent talked with or seen him since the solstice spiral ritual at wideass back in decemmber, but i really really want to get the thing out there. a lot of people are dying to finally have a little bit of mike rimm in their pocket, in book form. seriously. and i am confident that the stories are all going to be fucking great. and beautiful. he's an awesome dude and an inspiration. 
after mike's book gets to the printer i will start getting Gil Riley's little art book together. that one is going to be amazing. she is an angel and a visionary. get stoked. 
then after her book comes out i want to finally put out the Hal Glance books. Hal Glance is the psuedonym or nom de plume or nom de guere of Rex Flakey, who is the wizard in front of the curtain that's held mysteriously by Shaun MacNally of CROP CIRCLE & THE STEEDS fame. yet another visionary, with both the words and the visuals. ...

and while all thats happening i'm going to be sailing away to either the Canary Islands or the Azores, after hopefully having read some of my writing in cool spots in Lisbon with Helena from ESPERS, etc, and hopefully with tara FUSAXA too. i hope we can make that happen! i want to read some of the story i've been working on which is about a talking seagull and the runaways whom she helps to comandeer a giant chinese cargo ship
. OMG i hope these readings come to fruition and we can all do that. and hit some other countries too this time.  fuck, maybe i'll never come back.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015, I LOVED YOU SO...

2015 was a good year, a fortuitous year, a portentous year, a joyous year, a busy year, a sad year, an awesome year. a year that i swear featured more auspicious coincidences than usual.and more excellent full moons and blood moons and inspirational moons than ever before
another year in which we lived the country / city life, but mostly city, cuz NYC is bonkers with work for scenics with scenic flair.
it was a totally great year in which some seriously true and lifelong friends were met. i hope these dudes are always around, or within text or celly reach, and happy and healthy and cool, forever, for real...


2015 started out incredibly cold.
i drew a couple ink brush pieces for a show at hooloon gallery in philly.
i got snowed in and iced in and frozen solid in brooklyn for what seemed like months. but worked really hard regardless on The Knick, kitted out in carhartt cover alls on 9 degree days outside.
i was living in my head & daydreaming of the spring's return all day everyday from january to march.


and when march finally hit and the sun started warming the earth, the trees and the top of my head, something turned and hit the switch inside my brain, and Joy and Peace and Warmth and Love started percolating up my spine and radiating across my crown. the crocuses across our land back in stony run woke up and popped up. the beautiful sunny spring of 2015 had begun.
so much wine, so much fun, culminating in the beautiful month of May '15.
 (the first thirsty thursday at achilles heel)
(TBD greenpoint)

and then the summer was just as good, with a new pad in greenpoint and beautiful sunny days to work in, on the roofs of buldings all around NYC, making Daredevil, that netflix show look so awesome. and just like the spring, the summer of 2015 peaked in stony run during the height of a big party back at our place, under a magnificent full moon and shroomz, with the 829 brothers and sisters i'd already spent my year with so closely, all released from the confines of the city and feeling light and happy and free. 
we're a tight team.

('born to die, die in the gutter' ~ DISCHARGE)

 ("i'm in love with today" up on a rooftop in LIC)

 (riding will thompson's fixie on a rooftop)

 the fall, like always, was one of lengthening shadows and browns and golds and writing and poems and melancholy, right up to today, the last day of the year. reading in brooklyn at achiles then down in philly at brickbat, with good friends, that was good times. and xBlackxShirtsxMatterx, on tour in our minds through cool cities and far off islands adrift in oceans of the world on nights with angel's wings sprouting out our shoulders and unfurling, on the Endless Summer Tour i hope will never end. lit by warm halogen yellow streetlamps on brick wall backdrops & sidewalks in new york city.
it was all wonderful feels, even when my mother died (i was happy for her that she split this veil of tears peacefully and finally got back to where she'd pined to be, probably since leaving the philippines of her youth). 

 (tara fursaxa on the hill in stony run. she rules. i love her)

 (i heart gil riley)

(solstice spiral to walk inside, pine boughs & straw, by mike rimm. at wideass estate)

( me and little sister smoking in front of church at our mom's sad funeral)

right up to now, the last day of the year. the last day of what has been a pretty excellent, important year, flowing along too quickly toward the future. i hope 2016 will be just as righteous...
come out to stony run and hike up to the Pinnacle with us tomorrow morning, start the year off right.
((((all the above photos by me mostly, and beth and cat and will too, all copyrights reserved by us, dont hork them wiithout telling me ok?))))