Thursday, July 24, 2008

me + FUGAZI +london, england

i'm in this old fugazi footage from their first or second show in london in 1988....
you can see me at various points throughout the program, i'm jamming it as an american kid away at school in a foreign metropolis.
i cmpletely forgot until i saw myself in this that some dude kept pointing a camera at me. maybe because i was wacked out of me head on LemSip and hash33sh.
i went to this show sick as a dog and almost dead, with lawrence and ed shred from SINK and The STUPIDS, etc. ... and aaron hegarty who was a really cool dude who sold american hardcore records in a stall below the flyover in portobello rd.

it jazzes me up and freaks me out and almost saddens me all at the same time, to see this and to see myself so long ago. a whole different world and lifetime ago.... end on end on end on end on end

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nicepooperzine said...

The Stupids! Awesome!!