Thursday, September 3, 2009


OUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD came by the farm (Eckerton Hill Farm) again yesterday. what a good time.

heres what we all scarfed down, under the setting september sun:
Eckerton Hill tomatoes with capers & croutons made from breads by 14 Acre Farm; followed by cuvee chardonay by Pinnacle Ridge Vineyard, followed by halibut with an okra pesto (made from Eckerton Hill basil); followed by some chamburcin by Pinnacle Ridge, which got all the meat eaters salivating for a whole lamb raised right over the hill from Eckerton. then some more wine (Pinnacle Ridge pinot noir). then a desert of berries from Eckerton and peaches from Scholl Orchard. the presiding chef was Dave Pasternak from Esca.
super good times. and the best way to eat. i mean, outside on a nice evening on a farm field from which all the ingredients come....

stoked for next year's already.

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