Tuesday, November 10, 2009


what a beautiful week.
it started below the fairie hill in virginville.

jenny's dogs were pulled toward it by the magikal powers.

on friday, the big show at secret art space.
first WHH concocted psychedelic sound sculptures.

marble sheep from tokyo, on their first ever trip to the usa,
completely sent everyone into an eyes-closed, goa style trance of total liberation

they had tons of captain trip products you never see in the USA.
"green = psychedelic long tunes"

the next night it was north 4th st, just above girard ave in philly.
it was linda's birthday weekend.

afterwards it was another party for linda at the RUBA.
it was a very very late night.

and in the brilliant light of the following morning
it's obvious linda will have a good year.


and thanks to Radio23, you can jam out to the whole marble sheep show in bethlehem forever!
heres the link (scroll down a bit).


elizabeth said...

Hajimashite! It was a tiring but fun-filled week. Genki desu ka? Hai!

nicepooperzine said...

Awesome times, happy bday linda too! Wow... I still can't believe we saw Marble Sheep in Bethlehem!!