Sunday, November 21, 2010

TULIP HAS A ROOM by jon vance

jon's book TULIP HAS A ROOM is at the printer now.
american type:writer No. 020
if you ever heard MOSS ICON or had the extreme fortune to have seen them, then you know jon was a total madman with the lyrics. the oddest, coolest lyrics back then (1988 especially, considering how dire and ridiculous most of the hardcore scene was during that year).
i'm extremely chuffed to get to put this out. 70+ pages of words and cabalistic illustrations, by a guy who's survived since then and is still kicking now, as mysterioso as ever. so just like back then, readers will be left thinking 'what is up with this guy?'
order it now at EASY / AMTYPEWRITER

oh yeah, you know whats up with him? he's supposedly a direct descendant of Edgar Allan Poe. haunted........

just watch this old MOSS ICON jam and dig the words. an 18-19 year old hardcore kid was thinking all that? wtf

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