Thursday, July 24, 2008

me + FUGAZI +london, england

i'm in this old fugazi footage from their first or second show in london in 1988....
you can see me at various points throughout the program, i'm jamming it as an american kid away at school in a foreign metropolis.
i cmpletely forgot until i saw myself in this that some dude kept pointing a camera at me. maybe because i was wacked out of me head on LemSip and hash33sh.
i went to this show sick as a dog and almost dead, with lawrence and ed shred from SINK and The STUPIDS, etc. ... and aaron hegarty who was a really cool dude who sold american hardcore records in a stall below the flyover in portobello rd.

it jazzes me up and freaks me out and almost saddens me all at the same time, to see this and to see myself so long ago. a whole different world and lifetime ago.... end on end on end on end on end

Monday, July 21, 2008


friday july 11th at homebase was goodtimes all around. ray broke edge but he broke it with my black flag diy red wine.
my pieces will hang till august. some are still up for grabs. $100 each for the drawings, which exist under silicone, glass and plaster....
and since peeple have been asking me about it, the trench installation in the window can be yr's for a mere $5000!!! hook it up skater.
oh yeah, guy hoops, brent burke, mike kaine were all there with me. the first time we were all in the same room together since SUICIDAL at west catty in 1985, when we were little hardcore children!
stay free....

Friday, July 4, 2008


show at homebase (14 w. 4th st. on the preferred southside of bethlehem). opens friday july 11th. lots of my little drawings and photos and healing vibes. come after 8 to drink some wine with me. don't forget to look in the window. if you were around back in the dark days you'll know what historical landmark its supposed to make you feel the love for....