Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 the year

it was good year. 
i did a bunch of things.
i bought a lot of art from some great and sweet friends. which is like all i really wanna do with whatever money i save; support some cool artists, and then eventually try to find an escape hatch property in another country or on a lost separate mellow island to order  to, one fine day, soon perhaps, escape from america.
i worked a lot on a bunch of shows like The Interestings, Iron Fist, Landline, Kevin Can Wait and Quantico, which often felt like drudgery as any job does, but while not working i felt wild & free.
 i met a couple really sweet new friends this year,
and i published Gil Riley's first book, Liontamer's Paradise.
but regardless of the heartbreak & futility of bullshit american politics (its like, 'omg of course, how could i forget that its all fake and dangerous imperialism? and always is?!? of course sanders would be cheated!'), 2016 was pretty tight......

in 2017, i look forward to more LoLs, more hang out with friends, some readings, some shows by me under the moniker xPOEMSx, and a xPOEMSx release on the esteemed future recordings label, both vinyl as well as digital. 
and more sunny days and sweet talks and more travels to distant old islands.

but anyway 2016 was good, 
 and this is how it looked pretty much


bought Three Bathers by good ole Kurt Moyer
 blessing walls on sets all year

 hooked up a studio in greenpoint to write and paint in, thanks to Zoe Wright

 good ole Gil Riley on the roof of my studio

 Liontamer's Paradise by Gil Riley, out now on Am Type Writer  Press. buy it here
 4' x 8' thing i did on tuffback for work but i rescued it

 prints by good ole James Ravelle, on top of me, how i will be buried

 bought 2 paintings by good ole Anna Ortiz

 dyed my hair blonde again, maybe cuz i'm working in the studio at SilverCup where billy idol's 'white wedding' video was made. 100 punks rule, ok

 bought Flying Philippa With Yellow Hanger from good ole Zoe Wright

 and bought this cool Owl by Zoe Wright from her too

the 4th of july is good ole Stony Run PA

 bought this painting by good ole Jake MacCauley

 "its not writing, its typing." -truman capote

 "in summer, out on the lawn."

the water at the end of my street between greenpoint & manhattan

 bought this print from good ole Will Thompson, cuz i cant afford the orig

 traded silkscreened tees to good ole Kathaleen Papalardo for one of her cool watercolours. i still owe her the shirts. maybe this year....

started doing things like this in the later half of 2016. i dont know why. and i dont question it.

Friday, June 10, 2016


my country - city lifestylE, set mostly to the soundtrack of STAG HARE.
this is how some of it looked, from march to june in 2016, NYC & eastern PA.

(click photos to really see.)



early season gardens




leaser lake

gill riley text + my scribbling


like a Vinny Miller lyric

broadway stages, brooklyn

good fortune

bar hang outs

a giant fake dome

red wine forevz

echo hill

calyer st rooftop

magical gardens



craft paper

abby + gil

red rocker wine

monica's forearm

peace out, gardens!
new arts program int'l salon of small works, kutztown

Friend the cat

me & friend

peace out, greenpoint avenue!

it is now June. in other words "june eternal" (from john fowles' A Maggot).
i spend all my thoughts and energies getting to here from the dead dark days of winter. i'm so happy to be here now. barefoot and warm in the grass at all hours, just LOOKING AROUND at everything growing...