Saturday, October 10, 2015


get lost and live
bummed no more

october 25th at Achilles Heel, the sweet little wine joint in greenpoint in brooklyn. achilles is a nice place; it looks like a set from The Knick kind of. and maybe the woodstove will be going while writers are reading and people are drinking & listening. 
you'll be able to purchase all the in-print books on The American Typewriter Press too, so bring a few extra bucks. 
because wine, whiskey, beer and books. what else is there but films, music, words and love?

here's the bios of the dudes:

Lindsay Raspi was born in Baltimore in 1981. Her writing involves trauma and privilege in Baltimore, disaster survival, and a cold approach to gendered self disclosure in the age of social media victimhood and consumerist feminism. She works as an art teacher and support services provider with 78 adolescent girls from 21 zip codes within Baltimore City.

 Eric de Jesus was born of Filipino jackals in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at the very death knell of the summer of love.  His books include Cult Of The Moon (Sloow LeyLines Press, Belgium 2008) We Won't Be Here Forever (Future Recordings, Oakland 2010) and innumerable stories and spoken recordings. 
de Jesus's writing has appeared in Belleville Park Pages (France), Giant Robot (USA), Exile Osaka (Japan), Raw Pogo On The Scaffold (USA) and other publications. He enjoys splitting firewood, splitting bottles of red wine and walking the dark forests of other countries.  

 Colin Seven was born in Baltimore into a blue collar world on the 2nd of June 1973 and raised on skateboards, bicycles and Saturday morning cartoons. He left school at an early age and spent his formative years traveling the United States playing in rock and roll bands. His primary literary interests are repair manuals and technical journals pertaining to vintage motorcycles and rare firearms. Building engines, world travel and hanging out with dogs are among his favorite past times. Although rarely seen in public, he is reported to be easily approached and pleasant to speak with.  

Gillian Riley is a painter and writer on adventure with her life partner. She is a treasure hunter and a fully realized circumstantialist. Her book Babble Myth will be released by Am.Type:Writer Press in 2016

Joe Ferron Hiatt is a writer and playwright living in the Pennsylvania/New York region of the U.S. He attended the University of Iowa Playwrights Workshop, has written over twenty-five different plays or pieces of fiction. Most recently, he is the creator, contributing writer and host of the monthly live stage show and podcast production, 40 Story Radio Tower.  

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