Sunday, October 11, 2009


i can't believe THE MARBLE SHEEP AND THE RUN DOWN SUN'S CHILDREN are coming all the way from tokyo to bethlehem, pennsylvania but i shouldnt be too surprised because bethlehem and the whole lehigh valley have always been pretty happening with underground shows; going all the way back to the sikedelic 60's.
it's going to be the night to stay psychedelic all the way until daybreak.
i love this tokyo band like no other tokyo band; and i could legitimately say that one listen to andy perseponko's copy of Whirl Live was 50% of the reason beth and i moved to tokyo. (25% was MAINLINER's mellow-out record.) (and the other 25% was called "philadelphia in the late 90s".) from their monolithic early stoned out 80s jammers thru their 90s grateful dead fixation to their present psychedelic speed freak-outs, i love it all. all that long, inky, black japanese hippy hair flowing like sea weed out of an old Hokusai print. its probably not as long anymore, and maybe a little gray, but still, its all beautiful, transcendental jams.
also playing is FURSAXA, WE HAVE HEAVEN and PLASTICCRIMEWAVE SOUND. november 6th at secret art space is going to be so awesome!

watch this amazing version of 'rain'

yesterday i hit Saucony Books in good old kutztown and scored this whole box of John O'Hara works, fresh from some deceased collector's shelves i can only assume. all first editions / first printings too.
i am very stoked to grow my own O'Hara collection so much in one day.

Monday, October 5, 2009


a slide i took of jon ajax skating at the Trench with my dad's ziess ikon 35mm in 1983 is now the front side of a tee designed by erik brunetti of FUCT.

erik was probably at the Trench when i took this. everyone used to hang out there. every lehigh valley punker would make his or her way to that spot along route 378 in bethlehem to hang out and meet up and skate and screw around. brian plebani (MFC, etc) took a zillion skate photos there and one of his is emblazoned across a black 100% cotton FUCT shirt too. its rad that brunetti is immortalizing that idyllic, innocent and ancient LVHC scene on the new FUCT 'streetwear'. check out brian's blog with his old photo here. he was another of the OG LV punkers, another of the many oldhead locals that i hope are living well and healthy and happy forever and ever....