Sunday, June 28, 2009


this is my crew. they back me up. gotta stick together gotta stick together gotta stick together like glue.
( top floor ballroom studio summer 2007 )

Saturday, June 13, 2009

V.V. F. F.

once again its time for the VIRGINVILLE FILM FESTIVAL. its the 5th fuckin year! we are proud of ourselves because now its widely and rightly considered the best night of every summer.
watch these excellent promos for this year's festival, made by our by our friends Simon Nagle and Paul David.
Simon did the first one. Paul did the second one, employing footage he shot for a forgotten student film in 1991 while the First Gulf War was just starting on TV. well, the the land war was just starting and we had been staying up all night watching it on CNN between games of Megamania on the Atari 2600 (it was so fitting and natural to be playing that game between the all video of smart bombs hitting tank columns and bunkers on CNN) (i'm writing a novel about just that right now!) this was at 5012 cedar ave in west philly. i'd spraypainted "draft beer not me" and "fall down not out" on the basement walls. we thought we might all get drafted. we just wanted to screw around and make films and play music. that house was so cluttered but i could still ride bikes all around the 1st floor. the film Paul was making starred me and simon together. and in an excellent & weird arc of years and time we are all still together, involved in making films and projects and scenes; though now older and more spread out than all in the same house in the middle of the night, while The Gulf War II, started by the son of the Architect of the First Gulf War', like a fucking shiny hand me down or inheritance, like The Widow's Son, continues to slog forward...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


a 24 inch GT cruiser is my new wheels for the summer of 09.
( ( ( ( plus an ancient newporter slalom deck, mike rimm's painted hand & mug and john graff's cabinet doors from his early 80's norfolk scene days.) ) ) )

(the studio's already a museum)