Wednesday, August 27, 2008

09.06.08 girard avenue philadelphia

this show at studio 2728 opens september 6th 2008. 2728 girard ave philly. saturday night all right.


Monday, August 25, 2008


hanging out in the state of Maine for a while is nice and mellow and mellow and sweet in the summer.
getting to the top of mount cadillac was exhilarating even tho it was as crowded as osaka station during rush hour.
but my hair was looking pretty okay late at night in the full moon light that was reflected off the ocean and into my face, like a million colored light down a shopping street in japan...
check out exile osaka fanzine again, this time in internet form. and read matt's well written blog about japan and film, the Osaka Film & Booze Club

Sunday, August 10, 2008


my famous and death-defying little brother Jay took our photo the other morning when he visited beth and i at eckerton hill farm. we were knee deep in shale and tomatoes. the sun was at 10 o'clock. pulpit's rock was at our backs and sharp's ridge had our left side covered. the temperature was a perfect 80 degrees and red tailed hawks circled skyward riding down drafts above blue rocks campground.
my farmer tan was starting to turn into sunburn.
eckerton hill is owned by tim stark. its a pleasant if back-breaking place to work in the summers. and its weird and good that its now one of the most famous farms in amerika. read tim's just-released new book. he owns eckerton and he is also the dude cool enough to allow us to hold the film festival there every summer (which, considering the insane amount of peeple that descended on this year's fest, is very, very nice of him. or crazy of him)