Sunday, December 6, 2009


the DVD comp of films from this year's VIRGINVILLE FILM FEST have arrived at easy HQ and are ready for you to buy! just in time for you to give as christmas presents. relive the greatest moments from the 2009 virginville film festival in the comfort, safety and warmth of yr own home during the holiday season. films included are by the following filmmakers and all of their films are great: mike shellito, paul meatsquat dworakivsky, burt dodge, wayne miller, the oakenors, kristi robbins, james ravelle, simon nagle, eric de jesus, dave keller, bryce katzman, james jewell, mary jo rosania, shemp, james antonson, dan leathersich, andrew and brett amey and last but not least, dionne lennon. all the commercials by the VVFF's sponsors are included too. get stoked. get nostalgic for summer evenings on the farm watching films under the stars as the threat of rain causes everyone to bite their nails off!
each DVD is $10 post paid or $5 if you can stop by & get one of us in person.
you may paypal the $10 to
we ship the same day. how's that for service?
and by all means, get in touch for the 2010 film fest! make a film, contribute to the community, or just come and hang out and loll around in the grass while watching everyone's films!

go here for more info on the festival.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


i came across my old blog while googling for criticism of Tristan Egolf's last book KORNWOLF. i'd totally forgotten i was writing that little blog 4 years ago. but i was chuffed to remember the below post. i wrote it immediately after getting home from Tristan's memorial. its so fuct to think of how early he took his own life. could he have been one of those authors with 10 or 20 more novels in him? or hundreds more stories? we'll never know. his oeuvre consists of just 3 novels and a messy, sad ending.

i just got back from Tristan Egolf's memorial service in lancaster, pa.
it was a beautiful Indian Summer day in that cool, little and old city center. it was a perfect fall day.
lots of peeple were there. lots of peeple from almost all areas of Tristan's life and historical trajectory.
i hung with my friends from philly, representing the Friz scene which existed in 'PhilthTown' from 1993 maybe to 1994? i mean the first Friz scene which was centered around the Friz on 13th and walnut above that liquor store next to the Indian joint on the south east corner of walnut and juniper.
the stuff that went down there and was created there and was said there was totally bitchin' usually. on afternoons in Art's stewdio in front of windows open, letting the sound of philly in the early 90s wash over us and go thru us. or late nights in the big room hanging out and doing stuff like listening to records or watching something or cooking or watching art cook or simon eat. or talking. always talking about all of the above. or late at night watching bands play and watching the scenesters of the early 90s philly scene do their thing. (i got a big lump on my forehead from a big mug some one threw during a kitschchao show at the friz.)
i knew Tristan within this millieu.

and i knew and cared about almost nothing else but this millieu for a long time.

within this scene most everyone was committed to living the life.

he was crazy good times and smart. he was determined and fearless. and he was mellow, physical and bouyant.
we were friends and co-conspirators.
kitschchao were fierce and tristan was funny and terrifying as their singer.
i did the cover of their 7".

this afternoon i saw peeple from this ancient era all together in one place for the first time since those times. it was not unlike a show at the friz or a late afternoon lounge out on the Friz's roof, a football field long and wind swept within the caverns of original early 20 century skyscrapers up walnut street, hair always blowing in the sun; or the rare hang out in Big Greg's room. or sitting together drinking & talking in the big room or around the 16 track recording board. always talking about everything.

but this afternoon it was way more sad and sedate and brightly lit.


click the below for part of an interview we did when he was in KITSCHCHAO. man, how messy those times were...

check out DTO, which is the band Tristan was singing with when he decided to call quits on life. they feature Jason from KITSCHCHAO. theyre pretty excellent. Jason owns Trinity Framing in philly. give them yr business.
Dave from KITSCHCHAO runs the KC myspace. go listen to the jams by clicking here.
the last time i saw those 2 ex-KC dudes was at Tristan's memorial. how are you guys doing?

and check out KITSCHCHAO's 'peter stumpe'
7" on compuliv. thats song is the first manifestation of tristan's kornwolf compulsion. he had its since childhood. i did the cover. that was so long ago now...

Monday, November 23, 2009


its true, i'd been doing that. every night. its hypnotic. so i started taking photos while walking around inside my dreams.

"i know i'm talking in my sleep. and sleeping in my dreams. i'm dreaming on my feet. i don't know what it means." ~RAIN PARADE
(download the emergency third rail power trip LP right now)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


what a beautiful week.
it started below the fairie hill in virginville.

jenny's dogs were pulled toward it by the magikal powers.

on friday, the big show at secret art space.
first WHH concocted psychedelic sound sculptures.

marble sheep from tokyo, on their first ever trip to the usa,
completely sent everyone into an eyes-closed, goa style trance of total liberation

they had tons of captain trip products you never see in the USA.
"green = psychedelic long tunes"

the next night it was north 4th st, just above girard ave in philly.
it was linda's birthday weekend.

afterwards it was another party for linda at the RUBA.
it was a very very late night.

and in the brilliant light of the following morning
it's obvious linda will have a good year.


and thanks to Radio23, you can jam out to the whole marble sheep show in bethlehem forever!
heres the link (scroll down a bit).

Sunday, October 11, 2009


i can't believe THE MARBLE SHEEP AND THE RUN DOWN SUN'S CHILDREN are coming all the way from tokyo to bethlehem, pennsylvania but i shouldnt be too surprised because bethlehem and the whole lehigh valley have always been pretty happening with underground shows; going all the way back to the sikedelic 60's.
it's going to be the night to stay psychedelic all the way until daybreak.
i love this tokyo band like no other tokyo band; and i could legitimately say that one listen to andy perseponko's copy of Whirl Live was 50% of the reason beth and i moved to tokyo. (25% was MAINLINER's mellow-out record.) (and the other 25% was called "philadelphia in the late 90s".) from their monolithic early stoned out 80s jammers thru their 90s grateful dead fixation to their present psychedelic speed freak-outs, i love it all. all that long, inky, black japanese hippy hair flowing like sea weed out of an old Hokusai print. its probably not as long anymore, and maybe a little gray, but still, its all beautiful, transcendental jams.
also playing is FURSAXA, WE HAVE HEAVEN and PLASTICCRIMEWAVE SOUND. november 6th at secret art space is going to be so awesome!

watch this amazing version of 'rain'

yesterday i hit Saucony Books in good old kutztown and scored this whole box of John O'Hara works, fresh from some deceased collector's shelves i can only assume. all first editions / first printings too.
i am very stoked to grow my own O'Hara collection so much in one day.

Monday, October 5, 2009


a slide i took of jon ajax skating at the Trench with my dad's ziess ikon 35mm in 1983 is now the front side of a tee designed by erik brunetti of FUCT.

erik was probably at the Trench when i took this. everyone used to hang out there. every lehigh valley punker would make his or her way to that spot along route 378 in bethlehem to hang out and meet up and skate and screw around. brian plebani (MFC, etc) took a zillion skate photos there and one of his is emblazoned across a black 100% cotton FUCT shirt too. its rad that brunetti is immortalizing that idyllic, innocent and ancient LVHC scene on the new FUCT 'streetwear'. check out brian's blog with his old photo here. he was another of the OG LV punkers, another of the many oldhead locals that i hope are living well and healthy and happy forever and ever....

Sunday, September 20, 2009


off south st on a saturday night.
noise noise noise and melodies.

ART DIFURIA solo set with guitars like the air pushed out from beneath the wings of a million white winged moths.

GOODNIGHT STARS GOODNIGHT AIR doing his thing. could be harsh sheets of white noise and could be beauty washes like air over mountaintops. hopefully both together.

WE HAVE HEAVEN noise, guitars, taped spoken voice, tabla and loops. with just a pair of flabby wings...

september 26th at brickbat


they discovered one black saturday the mobs don't march they run, they run.
but you can excuse the nervous trigger man just this once for jumpin' the gun.

DARK CIRCLES from the LV at JB's one night last week. they are really really good in a semi-rural creeped out Broadcast kind of way. kyle page's drumming is excellent with brianna edwards's awesome hush loop vocal breaths

groovy times groovy times

Thursday, September 10, 2009


BREADMACHINE is a free noiser band from the Lehigh Valley of PA. they were around and active awhile ago but disappeared. but now, like spirits compelled to return from the afterlife, they are back.


Jackie and Dave's wedding was sweet. it was nice to attend ~ and to see these three women together for a few days too. they've known each other for 20 years and are still buds. i've known them as this triumverate for nearly that long and theyre still cool together. its like The Witches of Eastwick or something out of Macbeth, right?

i asked her to do this

Thursday, September 3, 2009


OUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD came by the farm (Eckerton Hill Farm) again yesterday. what a good time.

heres what we all scarfed down, under the setting september sun:
Eckerton Hill tomatoes with capers & croutons made from breads by 14 Acre Farm; followed by cuvee chardonay by Pinnacle Ridge Vineyard, followed by halibut with an okra pesto (made from Eckerton Hill basil); followed by some chamburcin by Pinnacle Ridge, which got all the meat eaters salivating for a whole lamb raised right over the hill from Eckerton. then some more wine (Pinnacle Ridge pinot noir). then a desert of berries from Eckerton and peaches from Scholl Orchard. the presiding chef was Dave Pasternak from Esca.
super good times. and the best way to eat. i mean, outside on a nice evening on a farm field from which all the ingredients come....

stoked for next year's already.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


night time is the right time
to pull all the dimes from yr pocket
nighttime's the right time
to climb on the rocket
nighttime's the right time
to pull your shoulder out of its socket
nighttime's the right time
to learn a new language

-will oldham