Sunday, April 26, 2015


 the past week in april 2015, it looked like this to me.
click pics to enlarge.........

 bathroom selfie

 rebecca graves' studio, williamsburg

 new yorks' alright if you like saxaphones. and condos and yuppies and bakeries and traffic.

 moss icon 2015 at brooklyn night bazaar, like an american joy division.

 our lawn back in pennsylvania. now just about warm enough to loll around in all day. and all the kale, spinach, beets, chard, brussels and broccoli seeds are now popping up, stretching toward their lover the sun.

 my heart and i agree

 the first asparagus from our garden, from crowns planted 3 years ago, bought from good ole james weaver, and finally, after 2 seasons of growing then dieing back, theyre ready to eat.

 feeling good vinyl vibrations

/ / /

oh and what else? 
i'm supposed to be in the new issue of HERO Magazine, the UK men's fashion mag, talking about fanzines and RAW POGO ON THE SCAFFOLD. buy the new issue, i think its released tomorrow, or this week. and it features justin beiber on the cover. imagine taht, me and justin beiber, united in struggle. break down the walls. with men's fashion!