Sunday, December 6, 2009


the DVD comp of films from this year's VIRGINVILLE FILM FEST have arrived at easy HQ and are ready for you to buy! just in time for you to give as christmas presents. relive the greatest moments from the 2009 virginville film festival in the comfort, safety and warmth of yr own home during the holiday season. films included are by the following filmmakers and all of their films are great: mike shellito, paul meatsquat dworakivsky, burt dodge, wayne miller, the oakenors, kristi robbins, james ravelle, simon nagle, eric de jesus, dave keller, bryce katzman, james jewell, mary jo rosania, shemp, james antonson, dan leathersich, andrew and brett amey and last but not least, dionne lennon. all the commercials by the VVFF's sponsors are included too. get stoked. get nostalgic for summer evenings on the farm watching films under the stars as the threat of rain causes everyone to bite their nails off!
each DVD is $10 post paid or $5 if you can stop by & get one of us in person.
you may paypal the $10 to
we ship the same day. how's that for service?
and by all means, get in touch for the 2010 film fest! make a film, contribute to the community, or just come and hang out and loll around in the grass while watching everyone's films!

go here for more info on the festival.