Sunday, August 22, 2010


WE WONT BE HERE FOREVER but i will be in philly on august 28th reading from that book of mine at brickbat books with DRAGON TURTLE and FURSAXA and ZILLIONS, so i'm hoping that you would make it and i was happy that you could.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


i am american. my type is writer.
WE WONT BE HERE FOREVER (my book) is sold out from Future Recordings but is now out and for sale on the cheapo new AM.TYPE:WRITER / EASY SUBCULT shopping site.
i'm reading from it on saturday august 28th at brickbat books. my good friends from the poconos and brooklyn DRAGON TURTLE will be jamming behind me and supplying the soundtrack to the ether.

next project out soon on AM.TYPE:WRITER is TULIP HAS A ROOM the first book by none other than Jonathan Vance who was of course the amazing lyricist madman behind MOSS ICON, one of the greatest bands ever in the entire 50 year history of rock music.
you know that band right? you'll want to pre-order Vance's book for sure.

this is a photo of jon vance:
the site isnt so happening looking yet but it will be. lots of old obscure easy releases are going to get rereleased and lots of shirt designs are gonna be produced in the studio after our travels are all done so sit tight my friendly patrons.

go HERE to buy some stuff. thanks.