Saturday, December 31, 2011



snowboarded lots of farm fields around kutztown with wayne miller.

went on a lot of hikes with beth and friends all year.

the WE HAVE HEAVEN record came out on caesar cuts and easy. and got nice reviews in vice and terrascope...

got to be included a cool exhibition at oxford, england. got to hang with lisa and john from SLEEPS IN OYSTERS who were the curators. and got to read from my book with john and ray playing the musical backdrop.

went to Paris again and read my writing at culture rapide for the 2nd time in 6 months. thats a nice high for any stupid american dude. and got to hang out with james and kara in the city of light!

was honored to help out with linda & rob's wedding! what a beautiful day and night that was, up on penny's hill in the magic realm of kempton, pa. as well as the next morning at robin hill campground.

so relieved and grateful that PJ let us hold the Virginville Film Fest at his place in 2011, after the original farm location fell through. and you know what, PJ's might be a superior spot!

was honored to be the bestest man at art & nancy's wedding. i got all teary and emo giving the speech. what a spaz...... but the choice of Glassbern was a sweet spot for a summer wedding for sure.

worked on some show for the NFL Channel. no one there even seems to like football....

swam in the creeks and went tubing a bunch, and picked a lot of tomatoes in the summer.

got to be in my brother's wedding too, and hang out with family on a perfect afternoon in early september. this was the summer of weddings.

got to hang out with my sister and her kids, all the way back in PA from australia. that was awesome.

worked on Silver Lining Playbook, another amazing cinematic creation starring de niro and cooper. got to spend a lot of time in the creepy norristown state mental hospital.

and to top it all off, my mom bailed and broke her collarbone so i've got to spend more time with her than i ever have. that put my excellent year in some sort of perspective.

and now today, the last day of the year, its like 55 degrees outside and beth and i are going hiking. before the big parties.....