Sunday, April 25, 2010


the Easy / AM.TYPE:WRITER soft cover editions of We Won't Be Here Forever arrived yesterday. actually they arrived during the week but we were living in philly for work; but since virginville is such a cool little chill place and our friends wayne and jen can go and pick up our mail at the tiny post office, they brought the big old box of them down to slingluff gallery in fishtown for me because we were supposed to meet up there on thursday but we never did because we had to work 12 hour days on different sets and locations for this robert di niro, bradley cooper movie we're both working on which is going to be sooooo amazing.

someone said we wont be here forever was 'like richard brautigan + phillip k dick'.
i want the story to be like mark e smith + zecharia sitchen + goethe's Truth and Fantasy From My Life. you decide.

once i package the MINUS PILOTS CD soundtrack with the books, perhaps employing a colour obi or 2 inch band around the book i'm not quite sure, they will be for sale to my friendly patrons. email easysubculture@gmail for further instructions. one day i'll have a shopping site at and it will be easier than ever.

i'm not sure when the colour edition of the book on the Future Recordings label will be available, but go there for buying info on that edition. they will be sure to look rad. and future recordings is a very cool label.