Wednesday, August 5, 2009


'be more than a witness' ~ Flipside fanzine....
making fanzines was a big part of my life for years and years. writing and then laying-out the printed word will always be a part of my life. the whole self-publish, DIY, 'do what thou wilt' aesthetic of rising above and being yourself and being alive, it hasn't stopped yet. some of my old fanzines are part of a show that opens this friday aug. 7th at home and planet gallery on the southside of bethlehem, pennsylvania...
"We Are All In This Together: Zines For Subcultural Solidarity" A show curated by Hannae Pavlick

some very limited edition boxsets of RAW POGO ON THE SCAFFOLD will be available for purchase by every epicurean art collecting patron. and 3 giant raw pogo covers will be mounted on one of the walls. the opening is from 7pm to 10. the show runs all month.

and i will also have some of the boxsets for sale at the big LEHIGH VALLEY PUNKER REUNION in emmaus park on saturday aug. 8th. if you were one of the weirdo crazy downtrodden punker kids in the 80s you'll know how funny and great this could be. like getting revenge after 25 years ('and you won't know what hit you') ('we're tired of being screwed')