Monday, March 10, 2014


fall to winter 1985 while dying for the spring

R.O.S on a college radio show around the same time i got this

Saturday, March 8, 2014


you should go over to EASY / AM.TYPEWRITER and pre-order this thing now. the Last Clean Dirty Shirt collection features writing (poems and long fiction) by me and some of today's finest writer heads, all affiliated with american typewriter through common cause, friendship and /or hang-outs and readings in Paris. click on dudes' names for more info. and these are just some of them. really though, we're hoping you would naturally support small presses and living/breathing writers... 

Jon Vance (MOSS ICON), Matthew Wascovich (SCARCITY OF TANKS), David Barnes (SPOKEN WORD PARIS),  Colin Seven (UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON), Eric de Jesus (WE HAVE HEAVEN),  Tony Alberto Rigetinni (SPOKEN WORD PARIS), Jayne Amara Ross (FAREWELL POETRY) and more.

107 pages, perfect bound, wrapped in an obi, limited first edition. 100% excellent.

and after Last Clean Dirty Shirt we will be collaborating with Lisa Busby of goldsmith's college, university of london (as well as of SLEEPS IN OYSTERS and Editions Of You fame) to release a cool art book having to do with her Shit! I can DJ! project.
get stoked, she's rad.

Before this excellent 2013 year is over, we are hoping to publish a book of Mike Rimm's short stories and postcards. (you the kuztown legend is famous for his awesome postcards).
plus a collection of writing and photos from some of our young farmer friends.
and i we would love to reprint boxsets of CRAP RAP and CONFLICT fanzines one day but who knows....
wouldnt all those things be well worth reading?
yes you think so.

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