Tuesday, January 18, 2011


its a new year and there are some new things coming...

this is a photo by jared stimpfel who recorded WE HAVE HEAVEN for a grateful dead tribute compilation on Nice Pooper 'zine's label. click on it! he's a rad dude and a seriously great drummer (for SECRET CUTTER who are great as well)

the WE HAVE HEAVEN album on the CAESAR CUTS label will be released shortly. its a serious jammer with 2 epics over 10 mins each, and 2 jammy almost pop ditties that are much shorter. chris giordani of SOARS recorded it in 2 sessions; one featuring rachel lambdin's psychedelic violin and the other featuring renee uzzardi's classical vedic tabla that she studies half the year in Varnasi, India. the whole thing will trance you out. go to CAESAR CUTS soon for buying infos...
and of course, THE EASY SUBCULT will be selling them too.


2011 should also see the release of art books on AMERICAN TYPE:WRITER Press by 3 of today's brightest subcultural stars and legendary heads; BROTHER JT of the original sins and the creatures fame, ERIK BRUNETTI of FUCT fame, and BRIAN PLEBANI of Fractured Seconds fame. look for these graphically inspiring and mentally head warping books to drop before summer.
and of course you can still get TULIP HAS A ROOM by Jon Vance of MOSS ICON fame. its a great collection of writing by another legendary head.
and get my book too if you havent yet!