Monday, May 11, 2015


if yr anywhere near baltimore this saturday may 16, come by Red Emma's, that famous radical bookshop, veg restaurant & coffee roaster. i'll be reading some of my words, along with Colin Seven, of UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMEGEDDON fame, and lately of EARLY AMERICAN fame) and Michael Fournier, of Hidden Wheel, DEAD TREND & TOOTH AND GERM fame). Fournier's new novel Swing State is just out and he's on a book tour. if you come i'll drink red wine with you. you'll hear me read stuff from Last Clean Dirty Shirt, a poem that was on a record with DRAGON TURTLE, plus the famous VOID story 'Combat Boots' which will be engraved in its entirety on the almost completed VOID monument being erected in nearby Columbia, MD, from whence that band came. (i will also be reading this story at the unveiling ceremony of the Bubba Dupree statue that is under construction in washington DC). 

/// click here for red emma's event page, or just read it all below. see you there \\\

Swing State: Punk rock authors present!

Saturday May 16, 7:30PM @ Free School Classroom

Join us for an evening of punk rock-inspired prose and poetry with touring novelist Michael T. Fournier and local stalwarts Colin Seven and Eric De Jesus!

Michael T. Fournier's new novel "Swing State" concerns itself with flagging Northeastern mill economies, fireworks, reality TV and baking. He's also the author of "Hidden Wheel" (Three Rooms Press) and "The Minutemen's Double Nickels on the Dime," an installment of Bloomsbury Press's 33 1/3 series. Fournier is the publisher and co-editor of Cabildo Quarterly, a broadsheet literary journal, and plays drums in Dead Trend and guitar in Tooth & Germ. He and his wife Rebecca live in western Massachusetts with their cat. Updates available at
Eric de Jesus was born of Filipino jackals in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania during the very death knell of the summer of love. He is the founder and curator of the Easy Subcult label and the American Typewriter Press. His books include Cult Of The Moon (Sloow LeyLines Press, Belgium 2008) We Won't Be Here Forever (Future Recordings, Oakland 2010) and innumerable stories and spoken recordings. de Jesus's work has appeared in Giant Robot, Exile Osaka, Raw Pogo On The Scaffold and other publications. He enjoys splitting firewood and walking the dark forests of other countries. He would love it if you listened to him reading here:
Colin Seven was born in Baltimore into a blue collar world on the 2nd of June 1973 and raised on skateboards, bicycles and Saturday morning cartoons. He left school at an early age and spent his formative years traveling the United States playing in rock and roll bands. His primary literary interests are repair manuals and technical journals pertaining to vintage motorcycles and rare firearms. Building engines, world travel and hanging out with dogs are among his favorite past times. Although rarely seen in public, he is reported to be easily approached and pleasant to speak with.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


fly me far the fuck away right now.
perhaps to nice, or rio, ibiza in 1968.