Sunday, March 27, 2011


Oxford was dubbed 'The City of Dreaming Spires' by poet mathew arnold...

and so i'm extremely chuffed to be invited to read some bits from WE WON'T BE HERE FOREVER during the Editions Of You exhibit at O3 Gallery in Oxford Castle, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England in a week. because the original Future Recordings hand made hardback edition is so excellent looking. i'll be reading and john from the pretty great SLEEPS IN OYSTERS and ray of DIASONIC fame will be doing a one-off improv collaboration as the live-jam soundtrack. MINUS PILOTS couldnt make it but this will still be good. can you come to oxford? please come!
the exhibiton looks pretty rad too. it opened this past saturay. lots of cool stuff to look at, including the WE HAVE HEAVEN record that's just out on Caesar Cuts and EASY. my cover design that was silk screened so well by chris reject is displayed for all to see (and for sale for all to buy. so is the soft cover EASY edition of my book).
here's yr schedule if you can make it: CLICK

after hanging out in oxford & london, beth and i are gonna take the eurostar to paris and visit james and kara, 2 kutztown chums who are currently living the life in the City of Light, gawd bless their fortunate heads. i'm gonna read at Culture Rapide again. i'm gonna read a few really 'pa dutch country' pieces for theyre enjoyment, because maybe they miss the way the soft hills look and the sound the peepers make now that its almost spring for real.

this is also like a big serious landmark commemorative trip for us too. it will be 20 years since beth and i started hanging out. 20 years since beth's birthday party on pine st that we split from with out anyone knowing and took off to the atlantic ocean...20 years, wtf. i cant believe how fast time flies. from 10th & pine and all over philly to tokyo to NYC to virginville to oxford, to london, to paris and so many far off spots in between, total All City Lovers. (for the next 20 years and 20 after that gawd willing.)
life rules 4 lyfe 4 evz