Tuesday, January 20, 2015


i'm in this show at hooloon gallery, curated by laris kreslins, with a lot of other good peeps.
its a cool concept on laris' part. 
my pieces are on their ways; one to a random person up in brattleboro picked blindly from a phone book, the other to the gallery itself. i'm currently living in greenpoint, brooklyn while working on The Knick again, and am not anywhere near my little studio back home, with all its familiar pens, brushes, smells and utensils. so it was a weird exercise to make any kind of art that wasnt for a movie or TV show while up here in a strange, sparse sublet.....
go to the opening on february 7th if yr near philly. i'll split brooklyn, drive down to philly and get wasted with you.

click this pic for more info!!!!!!!!

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