Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 KINDS OF INFINITY reading in philly / 11/21/15

reading at Brickbat in philly again, on saturday november 21st. but this time i'm not alone but with my good comrades Gil Riley, Colin Seven, Lindsay Raspi & Erik Bader, who's a philly local. 
i think i'll read mostly old philly things from like 1993 to 1997, can you believe it?!? i used to be a philly local back then, when philly was either cooler or crappier than it is today (who's to say which?)
7PM, don't be late.
good ole Gil Riley drew those infinity horses, and she should have 'zine for sale at the event too...
look for her book Babble Myth on the Am.Type:Writer imprint early next year.

this reading is organized by good ole Laris Kreslins. a tireless supporter and good dude who brings good things into the scene forevz. he's hooking up a drink sponsor, so come by and drink something for free, then quiet down and listen to people's stories, then drink some wine with me between readers, then step outside onto the sidewalk and smoke cigs, then sneak back in while someone's already started reading, then find somewhere to sit quietly and start all over again.

oh and heres a photo of walt whitman.
he'll be there in spirit for sure

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